Friday, August 12, 2011

Big Babies, Big Crates, One Flight

Man, we have two big babies here in our house with us every day! Our Great Danes!! We definitely get looks when they are in the car with us -- some people even take pictures! Sometimes, I forget just how big they are, but...

I've spent the last few hours looking for crates that will be big enough for them on their next {& first! And hopefully only!} airplane ride.  Oh my goodness, we may have to have custom crates built!  Honey the Great Dane from Australia, for instance, had a custom kennel built for herself.  See?!  I have visions of us with our suitcases & two of these huge crates full, trying to get through the Frankfurt airport...then gathering it all back up again in the States.  Sheesh!  It's a good thing I love our doggies :)  And thankfully, we have a while to plan this all out.  Phew!

So...have any of you ever flown with a big dog before?  I'd love some tips & pointers, please!
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