Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wills & Kate's Wedding Cake!

Who else is excited for the Royal Wedding of the decade?!!  William & Kate make such an adorable couple, don't you think?!  I had to explain to Don that this is a "girl thing"; boys just don't understand :)  But honestly, how could we not be excited?  A beautiful wedding gown {which I am looking forward to seeing!}, gorgeous bridal bouquets, the elegant ambiance of Westminster Abbey, & most of all, a Prince & Princess in love!  Alright, you know as well as I do that for those of us not at all involved, it's just pure cheesiness.  But you have to admit you will be watching too as they tie the knot on April 29th!  Bring out the champagne & scones, dears!

And of course the royal wedding cake!  The groom's cake will be made of rich chocolate & biscuits, but the wedding cake will be created following the recipe used for one of William's favorite tea time treats.  I found this recent write-up from my beloved King Arthur Flour company.  The official recipe is a royal secret, but KAF is making its educated guess as to the ingredients!
"It seems the couple will have a traditional English fruitcake as the main attraction. But the Groom’s Cake is said to be a childhood favorite of Wills, a “secret” recipe revealed by Buckingham Palace to the bakers at McVitie’s biscuit company, makers of Rich Tea Biscuits – the cookie that’s a key ingredient in the cake.

“The recipe was given to us by the Palace and we’ve been sworn to secrecy. I’d love to be able to tell you, I really would. But, it’s a royal secret,” said McVitie’s baker Paul Courtney.

Still, Courtney did reveal that the cake includes 1,700 crushed Rich Tea biscuits, and 40 pounds of dark chocolate." --King Arthur Flour

I would go back for seconds :) Oh, what a fairy tale! ♥
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