Tuesday, April 12, 2011

April Showers

We are getting a truly torrential downpour here in Bavaria right now! The trees are bending so much from the gusts of wind that they look like the could snap at any moment. The rain is coming down in sheets. I can hear windows slamming shut all over my neighborhood block, but it's not as loud as the thunder. And I love it!

A look out my kitchen window.
Alright, I certainly wouldn't want this type of weather all the time, but mixed in with the hot {& air conditioner free} German days, this is fun! PLUS, before the storm really got here, I ran around in the yard like a crazy woman, wet hair blowing in my face every second, putting down more grass seed & top soil. All this rain should help some more grass to get started!

April is almost half over!!  I'm ready for May ♥
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