Tuesday, March 29, 2011

* Sunshine & A Smoothie *

Just a few pictures for your today! I just took these this morning. It's nice & sunny here today, so I made myself a yummy smoothie & drank it outside on our patio.  {Our patio with absolutely no privacy, as you can see.  I can't wait to have a private yard!}  It was so nice to sit in the sun & relax!  Then, I watered our yard & put down some more grass seed.  {Oooh, it's a constant battle to keep grass in our yard!  Last Fall, it looked great!  Where did all the grass go over the Winter?!}  And finally, I transplanted a rosemary & an African violet.  After all that time in the yard, the dogs laid down together on a bed in the living room, basking in the sun, & quickly drifted off to sleep.  They are still dreaming ♥  Happy Tuesday!  I hope yours is bright & sunny as well!
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Looks like I need to adjust the date on my camera ;)

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