Monday, March 28, 2011

Flowering Trees & Thoughts of Springtime

Happy Monday, everyone! I hope that your week has started off really well for you! I had a nice day today: overcast skies, rain {even hail!}, a productive trip to Post to get grass seed & soil, check the mail, go to the gym, pick up dog food... Ladies, do you have green thumb fever too? I want a yard full of grass, window boxes & pots brimming with flowers. It's right around the corner, though! April is almost here! And I LOVE that for more than the fact that it's becoming Springtime :)

And to bring a little sunshine, springtime, & pretty flowers to you, here are some beautiful flowering trees!  Do you have any flowering trees in your yard or neighborhood?  We have forsythia here, although that's a bush not a tree.  But nevertheless, I'm ready for it to blossom!  ♥

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