Saturday, February 19, 2011

I Heart Hanalei!

I've been there many times. I've also been to other beautiful places in Hawaii. I've even traveled Europe & seen some of the world's most beautiful & popular sights. But there's no doubt about it: I love Hanalei, Kauai!  Of all the places I've visited & explored, this "lost in paradise", full of personality, drop dead gorgeous town is certainly one of my favorite little corners of the world.  When I dream of a true tropical hideaway, this is it!  There is no new construction going on, no shopping malls or high-rise hotels, no McDonald's or Starbucks...just Hawaiian charm, local surf shops, art galleries & handmade jewelry stores, & delicious restaurants housed in charming buildings such as Hanalei's old Schoolhouse.  This is Hawaii.  The Hawaii that will not change for tourism...but will gladly greet its visitors with a friendly "Aloha!".

A view of one of Hanalei's "shopping centers" :)

Breathtaking Hanalei Bay
I'm so glad we'll be in Hanalei again tomorrow!  And you can be certain that I'll have my bikini on under my beach dress so that I can lay on the beautiful Tunnels Beach or take a dip in the ocean while my eyes continue to return to the spectacular views of Bali Hai & the Na Pali Coast ♥  LOVE!

"Bali Hai is calling!"
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