Tuesday, February 1, 2011

A Grand Entrance Into February

Today I get to do one of my favorite things: change the month on my calendars!! What a good feeling it is to know that another entire month is behind us!  A whole month of phone calls instead of face to face talks, of meals for one instead of cooking together, of difficulty falling asleep instead of having everything I love right beside me :)  Thirty-one days of that are over!  Hooray!  Is there any other situation in which one wants time to go by so badly than a separation from the one they love?!

And so we enter February!  What a beautiful thing an entrance can be, don't you think?  The first impressions, the fresh starts, the new introductions, the bridge to something new, the entryway to a different place...  And over at Beautiful Portals, you can see entrances of all types!  Here are a few of my favorites for the launch of a brand new month!

I hope that you all make a grand entrance into February!  ♥
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