Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving! // Apart, But Still So Thankful

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! I hope that your houses are filled with loved ones & your kitchens full of your favorite holiday foods!

As for me, I may be apart from my sweetie today & my wonderful family as well, but that doesn't mean my heart isn't full of thanks for all God has blessed me with this year! Even when the most treasured things in life aren't right beside you, there is still oh so much to be thankful for!

Don's safety while he's been deployed,
My family's health & happiness,
Our cozy home & our cute little Mini Cooper,
Layla & Lucius, our two lovable Danes who keep me company,
& all the little things that make me smile, from new shoes to scented candles to delicious food!
Even the little things are blessings...the fact that we have the money to buy them & not just what we need.

Photos From Domino Magazine, Martha Stewart Magazine, & Southern Living Magazine

More than anything, I wish Don was here with me & that we were with our families today to eat a huge Thanksgiving dinner, but God's blessings are everywhere I look!  And next year, I'll be with the ones I love for this delicious holiday!  :)

I'm going to miss my Mom's apple dumplings today!  Mmm!  What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods & traditions?!  Does your family watch the Thanksgiving Day Parade?  Football games?  Oh, have a blessed day!  ♥
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