Friday, October 1, 2010

Weekly Featured Blogger: Our Transatlantic Love!

And the winner is... Our Transatlantic Love! Congratulations, girlie, on being the randomly chosen winner for this week's featured blog!  Thank you so much for your participation in Saturday Around The World, from you in Paris to me in Germany to all the readers around the world!  That's what got you picked, after all!  And hopefully it got you some new readers too!

My Five Reasons Why You Should Be Reading This Blog!
  1. A Canadian guy, a pretty French girl, & true love!

  2. These two sweeties are planning their dream wedding with less than 70 days to go!  You can read all about their big day in the making, & even see the gorgeous wedding invitations that they chose!  How pretty!

  3. Travel!  Check out the great photos of this adorable couple's recent trip to Tokyo!  Sightseeing with your hunny & stealing kisses along the way is by far the best way to travel ♥

  4. With a honeymoon currently in the works, why not stop over & share your own honeymoon destination?!  It can be overwhelming trying to pick what could be the most romantic place in the world for your most romantic vacation ever, so go ahead & share some suggestions!

  5. We all love a love story, & this one is as sweet as sugar
So, go pay a visit to Our Transatlantic Love!  I know you'll love it!  And tell her that you read about her blog here on {Amanda & Don}!
And on that note, make sure you come back tomorrow for our second Saturday Around The World, where you can share your blog, find new favorite reads, & get yourself some new readers!  Wahoo!  Happy Friday, everyone!
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