Sunday, October 3, 2010

Our Forevers Go Together

I spend every night missing him, knowing thought that we're underneath the same stars!  So when I found these pretty papercuts made by Elle, they touched my heart right away!  What wonderful thoughts for this Sunday night as I think about my sweetie, nurse my cold, & wait patiently for the time when we'll be together again  ♥  We're actually talking on Skype right now!  Er, well, we actually just got disconnected!  Grr!  But even so, I'm so thankful that we're able to talk everyday, despite the thousands of miles between us!  Hooray for technology, hooray for love!  I really admire all the soldiers & their wives that came before us, separated by an ocean during wartime with only letters to rely on for communication.  We only have to look to our Grandparents to see that love!

These beautiful papercuts are made bye Elle, images from See Hear Say.  I really like them all!
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