Sunday, October 31, 2010

Boo! Scare Me Straight To May! A German Halloween...

Boo! Happy Halloween! Hmm, if I could have one wish for this holiday, it would be for someone to scare me straight to the day when Don will be home from this deployment for good! That's totally possible, right? Totally possible :)  I hope that you all are out gathering delicious candy while wearing cutesy costumes right now! What did you dress up as this year?  I was myself.  Here in Germany, the festivities {as far as I'm concerned} have ended, the lights are out, the doors locked & my rouladens closed up.  Wait, they've been that way pretty much all night!  Why?

Church for me is at 3:30 each Sunday {we have to share the Post Chapel!}, & tonight we had dinner afterward.  I didn't get home until later, so I didn't bother handing out candy this year.  Plus, since I live in a German neighborhood with only a handful of other Americans, almost all of our Trick-Or-Treaters aren't American.  Let's just say that they take the whole "trick or treat" saying seriously.  Vandalism has been known to happen.  When I didn't open the door once tonight, I heard a bit of commotion from the crowd of German teenagers outside.  Let's hope my front porch looks the same in the morning.

So inside I stayed, watching Mad Men, knitting, snuggling with my dogs, & all the while thinking of my sweetheart who is still en route to his final destination & tired from the lack of a quiet place to sleep.  Oh, I want him home again.

I'm ready for that scare now!  Is this deployment over?  BOO!
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