Thursday, September 23, 2010

Beautiful Cooking Spaces!

I just spent a few hours cleaning our little kitchen.  And I used one of the washcloths I recently knitted!  Hot pink & made by me -- that helped cleaning to be a bit more cheery!  I took everything out of the fridge & freezer to clean it well, I mopped, I did it all!  Spending all this time in the kitchen inspired me to post photos of some very beautiful kitchens!  One day, I'll have one that isn't in a government-leased house, a kitchen that I can really make our own!  And hopefully it will be a bit bigger than the one we have now :)  I dream of stainless steel appliances, a nice big island with a wood cutting board counter top, pretty cabinetry with frosted glass fronts, & definitely 110 volt electrical outlets so that I never have to creatively hide power transformers on the counters again :)

--- Fancy & classy, timeless & beautiful ---  The mirrored cabinets in the first photo are gorgeous! ---

--- Colorful & cheery, making good use of space --- The checkered floor, the fun light fixture in the second photo! ---

--- Patterns & stripes, colorful & clean --- Oh, what a pop of color can do for a room! ---

--- Soft & relaxing, kitchen right now, complete with Lucius the Dane puppy! --- I think this last kitchen, before my own, might be my favorite of the bunch!  The dark wood, the color of the stools by the island, the pretty touches of the cabinets!  Elegant, cozy, but definitely not plain! ---

Photos from Domino Magazine {oh, how I miss it} & Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

What is your kitchen like?  And better yet, what does the kitchen of your dreams look like?!  Timeless class or fun & bold style?!
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