Saturday, September 11, 2010

"And Now They See Defeat"

Our enemies have made the mistake that America's enemies always make: they saw liberty & thought they saw weakness. And now, they see defeat." - George W. Bush  It has been nine years since the attack on our country. I'll never forget that day, sitting in my high school Biology class with the television on. We were all in complete shock, our attention focused entirely on the horrific news. When I went home that day, I sat in front of the television again & found myself crying. How could you not cry on that day? And then, our incredible nation came together as one. Pride & patriotism could be seen in every city.  Flags on nearly every car window & ribbons hung in all the neighborhoods.  How comforting it was to see America this way, rallying as one against our enemies.

In these past nine years, we have seen a decrease in that patriotism. We're again focused on the politics of everything, pointing our finger to put the blame on someone else. Instead, let us focus on the brave men & women who fight each day to keep our great nation safe from another terrible attack. Let us remember that we belong to the greatest country in the world, but that we make that true! Without us, without our commitments & pride, everything that makes America so great is lost.  We are America.

{This incredible photo from FoxNews.Com}
Living overseas has made me really miss some simple yet profound things about my country, & most of all I miss this: our patriotism. Everyone loves their homeland, but there's nothing like American pride!!!  Flags, fireworks, national songs!  I know I'm proud to be an American!  And I know that we will always fight to protect what we love!

So as we remember September 11th today, think of all those who lost their lives in the attack. Think of their families who miss them dearly each day. Think of our brave troops who are dedicating their lives to prevent this from ever happening again. And think of how much you love America, the greatest nation in the world. Don't forget your pride & patriotism. It is what makes us great!
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