Thursday, August 26, 2010

My Request: Say A Prayer +

The heaviness of deployment is starting to show its somber face. I receive an email every time that there is news of a fallen or wounded soldier in my husband's Regiment. In the two & a half months that he has been downrange, there have already been quite a few. There has also been news of some of my husband's friends being wounded or laying down their life for freedom.

Please, dears...whether you agree with the politics of this war or not, please stop for even just five seconds & pray to God for the protection of our troops & that they have success in each of their missions.

From Rev. Bill Wagoner Ministries
From Scripture Art Online
From White Eagle Ministries

Thinking of the brave & heroic men & women of our country's military makes my heart swell with pride & appreciation.  I pray that America as a whole will begin to feel this way.  I wish for parades in the streets at each homecoming, for handshakes from strangers as our soldiers walk through the airport, for smiles & "thank you"s wherever they go.  This is the least we can do for those who dedicate their lives to protecting our nation & bringing freedom to the unfree.  Oh, just thinking of them gives me goosebumps & teary eyesOur troops are amazing.

My husband is one incredible man.  Don, I love you with all my heart & am so proud to stand beside you as your wife! 

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