Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last Call for Summer %

There's a chill in the air. You know the one. It greets you with its crispness when you walk outside, instantly giving you the feeling that it's time for football, golden leaves, & pretty sweaters.  But here in Germany we're not full into Autumn yet.  There are still a few days where a pretty summer dress could be worn, & I most definitely have not yet stopped wearing my flip-flops every day.  But the fact that Summer is quickly coming to an end makes me dream of pretty hot weather wear...

This weather also reminds me that I need to start thinking of bringing in my lovely potted plantsEnglish lavender, geraniums in various shades of pink, hydrangeas, gardenias...  I'm hoping that they make it through the coming months while living with me in the house!  Their greenery & blooms would add cheer during the snow!

After sleeping in this morning & then tending to the yard, I'm now going to get cleaned up, visit a friend who will show me her latest quilting projects {I need to learn!}, & then go to Church Bible Study tonight!

The only bad part about going out in the evening is worrying that I will miss a phone call from Don.  He's been calling on Skype lately, & I pray that the call forwarding works in the case that he calls while I'm still out!  We did get to video Skype last night, which was fantastic!  There's been a bit going on, so it was wonderful to see his face!

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