Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fancy A Spot Of Tea, Love?

I've always loved tea. Growing up {& even still!}, my Mom had an entire pull-out kitchen drawer devoted to her teas. In fact, her collection has spilled over onto the drawer below because she has so much!  She has every kind of tea that you can imagine: African red tea, coconut white tea, ginger green tea... whatever tea your little heart may desire!  Needless to say, I've inherited this love.  And although my collection isn't nearly as diverse, I still drink tea just as often as when I was growing up.  I do wish I had my mom's kitchen drawers to go to, though!

And this weekend, I've been drinking more tea than usual.  Much more!  That's what being sick will do to you.  Poor me!  But it's easier with a tasty cup of tea, & honey!  I think that I need to resupply, however.  My collection is running dangerously low!  My two favorite brands of tea are Celestial Seasonings & The Republic of Tea -- I'll have to stock up when I go home!  I think this Hot Apple Cider Tea sounds delicious for fall!

And I have such a cute tea kettle too!  My brother got it for me for Christmas last year.  Ah, a Chantal Bridge teapot!  Mine is Tiffany blue, to match my Kitchen Aid Mixer!  But the green one is awfully cute, & I like all the glasses pictured here too!  From Chantal.Com

Thank you all so much for your sweet comments about my last post.  I am feeling much better today {emotionally, at least!} & have made up my mind to make the best of all that this next year has to offer.  Whether I keep myself busy with knitting classes & Bible Studies or I find a way to go home for a while, I will remember that this is temporary.  And that God is with us!  Helping us each step of the way.  Your notes made me smile.  I have fabulous readers ♥  Thank you, dears!  And a big welcome to you all who are new!  Hello!

{ Fun fact:  Did you know that my parents live 10 minutes from the Celestial Seasonings headquarters?!  It's true!  And I wish that I could go there now...  On their free tour, they open the door to the Peppermint Room & let you take a whiff!  It's a sure cure for a cold! }

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