Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cooling Down With Bavarian Beer

Oh wow, it's hot. Ninety-two degrees, no air conditioning, a house filled with fans, & it's still too hot!  Between the dogs & my brother, who is still getting over his jet lag, this was quite the napping house today!  I sure do miss the grand old USA & its love of AC.  I'm still boggled by the fact that Germans have self-service kiosks at McDonald's & sensors to tell you where the closest open parking spot is in a parking garage, yet there is no AC!  Alright, you get the point...

This is where you'll find me!
My brother & I made a trip to a local Getränkemärkte {drink market!} yesterday to pick out some beer--a necessary shopping trip for any visitor to Germany!  Or for someone who has lived here for a year :)  These stores are filled to the brim with different types of beer from all over the country, rows & rows of containers filled with deliciousness!  It's difficult to pick which kind to try, but the prices make it easy to try more than one!  We picked two from the same brewery, a Pils & a Hefeweizen!  Both are light beers, refreshing & cool.

Keepin' cool, Deutschland style.
None for Lucius, though...  He'll just have to keep napping to stay cool!
Sit in your American air conditioned houses & think of me!  Oh, I'm jealous of you all!  Stay cool, dearies ♥
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