Wednesday, July 21, 2010

3 Countries, 1 Week

11:30 am & 78 degrees. Thank goodness it has cooled down! The dogs are asleep on their beds {& are in need of a bath!}, my brother is asleep on the sofa, & although I could definitely take a nap myself, I feel like cleaning & mowing & doing laundry. What is wrong with me?! *** Don is doing great! He's in the location where he will be staying for the remainder of the deployment. He's roughing it a bit, but happy to be a bit more settled. No more living out of his ruck sack!

I'm home! We got back last night after driving from Salzburg to Munich {where we had dinner at the Hofbrauhaus} & finally home.  My brother sure got a kick out of driving on the autobahn!  We had a great time on our trip!  London, Munich, & Salzburg.  That's a good list!  I'm going to write more about our trip later, but for now, here's a picture of me jumping in front of the Tower of London!  Pretty good, huh?!  I'd like to think so :)

Did you know that the Tower of London is actually an entire castle?  Not just a Tower at all!
I'll do my reviews of the trip in my usual way: one city at a time!  So come back soon for my London review, which may even be split into a few parts!  What a huge city, & we did so much!  We even saw Stonehenge & Windsor Castle!  Don't you want to see pictures?!  Stop back by tomorrow!  ♥
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