Wednesday, June 2, 2010

What Happened To May? + Snuggle Time!

I was hoping that June would stay away somehow so that we could stay in May forever.  June, you are not a month that I am looking forward to.  Could you go away, please?

I think that the weather here is feeling gloomy too.  I saw the sun for one day while we were in Berlin, but I don't think that it has shown down on Bavaria for weeks.  Instead, we have rain, rain, & plenty more rain.  I tend to like this kind of weather; it's perfect for snuggling up & watching a good movie.  But what happens when my snuggle partner is away?  Then, the rain is not so cozy.

Speaking of snuggling, here's a recent photo of my hunny & our two big babies, all of whom are professional snugglers :)  {You may not believe it, but yesterday, the four of us took a nap together on a double-sized futon!  Now, that's closeness!  I loved it.}

Now, go snuggle your family!
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