Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Catching Up: Croatia

Don is in at work for the morning {yes, our break together is over & I'm hoping that he gets to come home from work early all this week!  Please please let this week go by slowly...}, so I have some time to catch up here. First off on my long list of things to report, are pictures from our trip to Croatia! I posted only one so far, which simply won't do! :)  Here are twenty of my favorites; hopefully they give you a good idea of the fun & relaxation that we had while lounging at our fabulous hotel {Hotel Bozica on the island of Sipan, just about an hour ferry ride north-west of Dubrovnik}, exploring the island, & sight-seeing in the Old Town of Dubrovnik!  We loved Croatia.  The people were all very nice, the food was incredibly delicious {mmm, seafood!}, & the scenery was beautiful.  We've decided we would definitely go back again!

One of the things that Croatia is famous for, aside from the fact that the necktie originated here {cool, right?!}, is their lavender.  Apparently, some of the islands are pretty much dedicated solely to growing this plant, & when you even get close to the island...mmm, the scent is everywhere!  Yes, please!!

I really like the scent of lavender, as well as the plant!  {Don bought me a big one when we got home, & boy does it make our back patio smell good!}  While we were in Old Town Dubrovnik, we stumbled upon a Market that was selling everything from fruit & veggies to purses &, well, lavender!  Don bought me a sachet of lavender as well as some pure lavender oil!  The old Croatian ladies who we purchased from were too cute, & it would have been easy to buy more lavender from them!  Mmm, it smells so good & is very relaxing.  I like to dab a bit of the oil on my wrists, to walk past my sachet & breathe in the sweet smell, to rub my hand across the leaves of my lavender plant outside.  I would definitely go back to Croatia!

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