Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Travel Tuesday: Prague!

I love saying this: Welcome to all my new readers! ...Are you all joining up to make me smile? Because it's working! And your comments sure are sweet too! Thank you all!    Don was able to call last night {hooray!} & we got to talk for about 10 minutes, maybe a touch less. I must admit that I didn't do too good at keeping my cool. In fact, last night was by far the peak of my crying since he left. But after a nice chat with my Mom, I was calmed down & feeling better. Let's hope that's all over with now!

I've decided that with all the traveling we {I} do, I should start posting about it once a week! I definitely have enough to cover! So henceforth, Tuesdays shall now be Travel Tuesdays!  Sound good?  Good :)  I will talk about & share photos of places that we have been already, or I will list some places that I'd really like to travel to next!  So stop by on Tuesdays to read about my adventures past & yet to come!  {Ooh, that sounds like the ghosts from A Christmas Carol!}

A gorgeous view of the famous Charles Bridge
First up: Prague, Czech Republic.  For those of you who've been reading my blog for a while, you know that Don & I have been there not once, but twice!  Prague was actually the first trip that we took when we arrived in Germany.  We didn't even have a car yet, so we took the train.  {Driving to Prague: 2.5 hours.  Train to Prague: 10 hours.  The trains in Europe aren't as fabulous as we're lead to believe!}  The second time we went was in April with my parents!  Both trips were fantastic, but the second was especially nice for two reasons: 1} I wasn't sick, & 2} Don & I had already run around the city like chickens with their heads cut off trying to see all the sights, so we were able to stroll around & get a better feel for the city's personality & not just its tourist spots!

Again, the Charles Bridge & the beautiful statues that line its walls.
Thoughts of Prague {or Praha in Czech} often bring about images of beauty, romance, peace.  And although the city itself is full of incredible architecture, I'm afraid to say that in order to find the true beauty, romance, & peace you must stay up late & venture out after all of the tour groups & travelers have gone back to their hotels.  This, I believe, is when the city becomes itself again.  The street lights turn on, the musicians come out to play their violins, & you feel right in place strolling down the cobblestone streets while holding your sweetie's hand.  This is the Prague I love.  Not the "everything is under construction" Prague or the "hurry up & get in line to see the cathedral with 800 other people" Prague.  So if you ever have the blessing of being able to visit this spectacular city, take my word for it: go out again after your delicious dinner & experience the beautiful romantic peace.

The Old Square.  This is a fantastic spot, one of my very favorites!  Our second hotel was just a block away.  {All photos above from WeHeartIt.Com}
One thing that Don & I did on our last trip to Prague was entirely unplanned: we went to a beer spa.  Yes, you read correctly.  A beer spa!  And let me tell you, it was worth every penny!  You can read all about this spa here & as ridiculous as it might sound, take it from me {& Don!}, we wouldn't hesitate to go again the next time we visit Prague!  {Don was so relaxed that he even fell asleep in our cozy bed of oats!  Yes, this all sounds strange, but you'll love it!}

See how much they love it?  Imagine sitting here in your bath of hops, enjoying a beer from your own tap!  A very un-girly but equally relaxing spa experience! { Photo from Prague-Stay.Com  No, I'm not one of these girls!  No photos were taken while we were there!}
And so, my dear Travel Tuesday readers, that is Prague in a nutshell.  I cannot wait to travel here again!  Apparently, they are famous for their garnet {as well as their crystal} & so I think that I need a garnet ring before we leave Europe :)  If you should choose to travel to this city, I can recommend the hotels where we stayed during our trips!  Both were very clean, in good locations, had wonderful breakfasts, & the prices were unbeatable!  The Hotel Metamorphis & Andante Hotel.

On Friday, I am leaving for almost a week in Italy!  And so, next up on Travel Tuesday, although it will have to wait until two weeks from now, will be news of that delightful trip!  Until then...dream of your own future travels!  Where would you go?!
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