Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet+ Sunday

It's hitting me. I'm here alone. Don won't be back with me for a long long time. Yuck. I was doing really well for a while, staying busy around the house, meeting with friends from time to time, taking the dogs on nice long walks through the fields behind our neighborhood... Then, there was something about going out last night {by myself} to meet some girls for the movie {which was pretty good!} & then returning home again { myself} that really stung. Out alone, in alone. And I'll even be going to Church today...alone.  Thank goodness I have Layla & Lucius to greet me when I come home, though! I can't imagine it being absolutely quiet around here!  I'm so glad that I have them!  And maybe if I combine their Great Dane snuggly-ness with some sweets, I'll start to feel a little better?  I can do this!

Big dog, right?  This is probably how big Lucius will be when he is full grown!  Aw, my 125 pound 1 year old!
I think I might need a little something sweet to cheer me.  Perhaps some fine Nutella?
Or a pretty cupcake.
Maybe even this lollipop, although I think it's too pretty to take a lick from!
Don & I weren't able to talk at all yesterday, but this morning as I was checking emails I realized that emails were being marked as "read" that I hadn't been to yet!  Hmm!  He must be on!  So I wrote an email saying, "Baby, are you on our email right now?!" & hooray, he was!  So we've been emailing back & forth like fools for the past, oh, hour-ish!  The network he was on wouldn't allow IMs of any kind or any social networking sites, so our email-chat was actually the best we had.  And oh, was it nice!  He's actually headed to another computer now to try to call!  *fingers crossed*

Now, wouldn't that be sweet! 

Happy Sunday, everyone!  Put some sweetness into your day!
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