Saturday, June 26, 2010

La Bella Italia + Portofino

Next up in my Italia travels was the little port city of Portofino, a known favorite among the rich & famous!  Just Google it; you'll see!  We went by boat on Monday, & it wasn't at all what I expected.  You wouldn't necessarily know that a lot of money flowed through this town by looking at it.  It was so small & quaint!  I supposed that's why the paparazzi-followed celebs loved it so much.  The Louis Vuitton & Dior stores blend in with the rest of the little shops & gelaterias; there was nothing glitzy whatsoever.  The gigantic yachts in the little harbor were a sign of big money, though!  That was certain!

Some of the smaller yachts in Portofino's harbor!
I bought some art here for quite a price!  Who would have known that such a posh port would have things that little old me could afford?!  I didn't buy originals {too much!}, but they're nice prints of oils & watercolors on good paper, not poster style.  One was even framed already & for sale for only 18 euro!  I will spend more to frame one of these pieces than I spent buying all of them together!

The Church of St. George {Portofino's patron Saint}, built in 1154 & partly destroyed by bombings during World War Two.
Unfortunately, we didn't spot any celebs {we were on the lookout!}, but we did have a wonderful time walking up to the town's Church & castle, wandering the small shop area, & again...delighting in some gelato!  The views were gorgeous & the gardens were like something out of my green thumb dreams!

The garden walkway around the Castle Brown, built in the 1500s as a defense against the Turks.
And I have to include this next picture of one of the many sleeping kitties I saw around Italy!  And oh, what a place to sleep: under a beautiful Italian hydrangea!

Ah, a gatto di sonno!  {Sleeping cat}
Come back tomorrow for my photos & quick review of Pisa!  ♥
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