Sunday, June 27, 2010

Breaks, Crepes, & Pink Polish

Welcome, my fabulous new readers! And hello again, my fabulous old pros! Thank you all for your comments; they call make me smile! Question: are the photos in this post Too Big?! Do tell! I don't want to overwhelm!

I'm taking a little break from my daily Italy travel posts{just one day...don't worry!} to do something a bit more simple.  Less writing, more pictures!  I always like it when I show up to one of my favorite blogs to find pretty pictures!  Do they brighten your day too?!

Ok, the Festival wasn't quite like this...but the costumes were quite similar!  And there were horses!
 I spent the afternoon with new friends, enjoying a nearby town's 600th Anniversary celebration in the form of a Medieval Festival!  Yes, you heard me!  Complete with knights & jesters, kings & queens, peasants & lepers!  Fake lepers, of course!  We had quite a time shouting the German cheers along with the crowd {still not sure what we were saying!} & eating crepes with fresh strawberries!  Mmm!  I also had one of my favorite German drinks: the radler.  Now, trust me...this is good.  It's light beer mixed with lemon flavored mineral water or Sprite.  So refreshing!  Mix one for yourself if you're interested!  You'll thank me :)  And I'll post pictures of this unique festivity later in the week!

Do you like Jane Austen?  Period piece movies?  Do yourself a favor & rent this gem!
Tonight, I'm watching the romantic girlie movie Bright Star, about the three year romance between the famous 19th century poet John Keats & Fanny Brawne, while painting my fingers & toes.  Light pink with sparkles.  {OPI's "Make Love" with "Princesses Rule" on top}  What a simple way to brighten my world...

Any other OPI lovers out there?!
Oh, along with the fact that Don & I were able to talk again tonight!  Even though it was just chatting, no voice or video, it's still so reassuring to communicate with him.  It makes it feel like we're somehow closer together.  Now, that, my dears, is what really brightens my world!  ♥

And next time that I say a post will have "less writing", well, don't believe me...

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