Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thunder & Lightning

The weather men in Bavaria are probably getting tired of talking about all of this rain, but I am loving it! While people I know are dreaming of the sun & wishing for its speedy return, I'm snuggled up inside with my doggies, my tea, & a good book {which now happens to be The Swan Thieves by Elizabeth Kostova}.  Last night, however, I got even more of what I love: a fantastic thunder & lightning storm, complete with a torrential downpour!  Ooh, how I enjoyed it.  I was like a little kid while trying to fall asleep, a silly grin slapped across my face as the lightning lit up our room, even through our rouladens {metal German blinds}.  Don said to me, "Try not to giggle too much.  I'm sleeping!"  hehe

At one point, I started counting the seconds between the lightning flash & the thunder.  Four seconds.  We were close!  And I even counted a thunder rumble that lasted 30 seconds!

It was a very cozy night.  I'm hoping for more!  Do you like thunder storms?!  I must say that Layla & Lucius don't mind them, thank goodness!  Can you imagine having two terrified 120 pound dogs to take care of?  The only sign of fear was when they were out in the yard & the thunder scared Lucius enough that he ran between the bench & the house.  How he fit back there, I don't know!
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