Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Pretty, Peaceful, & Pink!

It's here! It's the day that the Self-Help store on Post has flowers, window boxes & all other necessaries for adding some garden beauty to your home!  {Self-Help offers most everything you need to keep you home in order, free of charge to those who live on Post or in Government Housing.  They really do take care of us!}  I was there, of course, shortly after they opened, & the place was bustling!  I was hoping to get pink trailing geraniums, but they only had them in red.  The nice Self-Help guys know me by now, so when I asked about the pink ones they went to the back to look.  There were only four, though...  And of course, all my boxes need to match!  Of course!

So I brought home my allotted three window boxes & twelve flowers.  I chose some hot pink/fuchsia beauties & then went to the nursery here in town to get another eight in a lighter shade.  What a relaxing morning it was, choosing my flowers & wandering through greenhouses.  I especially love the one here in town.  It's big, by German standards, & the rows of colors always make me feel peaceful.  It amazes me how long I can spend in a place like this, roaming the aisles & admiring all of the plants.  It's especially fun when I'm there at a busy time.  Imagine me, a blond American, walking through a German nursery & greenhouse.  Everyone around me is speaking a language I barely know, & I don't even understand the labels distinguishing one flower from another.  At first, this type of expedition was scary & very intimidating.  Now?  Relaxing.  Peaceful.  Empowering.

Anyway, I think they are going to look great!  I have a vision of the house looking very pretty & pink for the summer.  Cheery & happy to help keep me cheery & happy!

I'm seriously thinking about getting a bright pink pillow to put in the middle of the bench on our patio...  Can you tell I am seeing pink for this summer?!

We're having overcast skies & drizzling rain, but I've heard that is a good time to plant!  We'll see!  And I will post some pictures of the house once I have the window boxes in place!  I can't wait!  And thanks to my Miracle Grow, these pretty girls should be blossoming like crazy before long!

On another note, I apologize for not being my usual self & posting nearly every day!  I've really had a lot on my plate {...& my mind!} lately, & by the time Don comes home from work all I want to do is eat a yummy dinner & snuggle up with him!  But I haven't forgotten about you, don't worry.  I think I'll be back on a normal schedule soon, & I will finish my travel reviews about the trips we took with my parents!  I have a lot of fun things to share!
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