Saturday, March 13, 2010

Solo on Saturday, But Thankful Anyhow!

It's no fun being home alone on the weekends. They are meant for having fun & being together, which makes Don's absence all the more obvious.  But I am determined to get something productive done!  At least one something!  I've already taken the dogs for a 15 minute walk, which was much needed in order to keep them calm in the house so that Lucius will rest & continue healing!  And that was a good start!  But I know that if I don't make plans, I'll easily slip into a vegetative state in front of the TV or the laptop.  Oh no!  So...

I need to do some work, some cleaning, maybe watch a chick flick & paint my nails, bake Grami's lemon bread for a yummy snack, & I'd love to read some more of my wonderful book!  These are all good plans, right?

What do you do when you are home alone?!  What keeps you busy?

The nice thing about being home alone is the reason: Don is working hard to do his part in protecting our country & the freedoms that we cherish.  With that being said, how could I possibly be upset that he is gone?  How can I when I am so proud of him?!  Sure, I wish he was here with me instead, but I am behind him 1,000%!  My baby is so impressive, so wonderful, & I beam with pride :)  Maybe I'm home alone for a bit, but the reason for it is nothing short of heroic.

Plus, I have plenty of other things to be thankful for!
  • Lucius is healing up nicely & finally eating!  Woohoo!
  • My parents are visiting next month!  I am so excited!!  I haven't seen them since Christmas, & most likely won't see them again until next Christmas!  So their upcoming visit is one that I am really looking forward to!
  • Grami is doing much better.  She's settling into her new home at the wonderful assisted living facility where she now lives.  My mom told me that she is even making friends!  How could she not with that fabulous spunky attitude of hers?  I wish I could pop over & share a Guinness with her like I did last time we were together :)
  • God is always with me.  No matter what is going through my mind or what troubles I encounter, He is with me.  He has been to my tomorrows & seen just what they hold.  And He will hold me through every minute of my future days!  What a comfort that is!
So what are you thankful for today?  What has put a smile on your face?!

Photo courtesy of USMilitary.Com
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