Thursday, February 18, 2010

Winter Street Style: Stockholm

On of the things that I have really noticed in Don & my travels is the different clothing styles across Europe.  It's interesting, I think, to compare the styles, to think about why people dress the way they do, & even, as I just considered in Stockholm, the fact that for many places & people, the style of dress is born of functionality & practicality.  Not just fashion.

In the States, we always look to Europe for our fashion cues.  But now that I'm here, I'm starting to think that Europeans' styles actually make sense, & then they make them look good.  For instance, skinny jeans.  They're big in Europe, so they're the big fashion thing in the States now, right?  Especially skinny jeans with tall boots!  A cute look.  But here, in the wintertime with snow & slush all over the ground & walking or public transportation being the most common way to get around town, well...  You wouldn't want long jeans that would get wet!  Or short shoes that the snow & slush could creep into!  So Europeans, being smart, tuck their jeans into tall boots!  But this then becomes fashion, & jeans & shoes are adapted to make the look a stylish one.

In Stockholm, I really noticed this.  Except...many of the girls wore only leggings with a long shirt or a very short dress, complete with a winter coat {many of which were very cute fur {faux I'm sure!} coats}, hat, gloves, & of course the boots.  But not always tall boots!  How did they stay warm?!

Photos Courtesy of Refinery29.Com

I can honestly say that I've never seen winter fashion done quite like this.  Sure, these pictures I posted are from a fashion trend website, but really, I saw plenty of girls dressed just like this!  And I didn't see much in the way of colors, either.  My white coat, red purse, & magenta scarf made me stand out a wee bit!  But you have to figure out how to look good even when it's freezing outside, & the Swedes sure have done it!  What do you think of these looks?!