Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Le Creuset For Me . . .

Well, *sigh* this morning I checked The Bright Side Project to see who won my Le Creuset French Oven...& it wasn't me.  I didn't win.  BUT...

They allow winners one week to claim their prize, & if that time goes by, others can "swoop", or grab the prize for their own!  I'm hoping the Le Creuset isn't claimed!  :)
I've heard from some of you that you really like The Bright Side Project -- how can you not?!  I think I've entered myself to win almost every item that's been posted.  I'm bound to win something, right?!  Or maybe one of you will win!

Happy Thursday to you all!  I'm about to go shower & get dressed so that I can head to Post & have lunch with my sweetie!  I think that we're going to a little place on Post that serves German food.  It's really good!  And run by only one German woman, which is amazing!