Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Super Bowl Midnight

Super Bowl Sunday. More like Super Bowl Midnight for us!  And we didn't quite make it...

Don was in the field Saturday & didn't get home until about 2:30am.  We slept in Sunday morning & were lazy around the house just playing with the dogs, watching TV, & me doing a bit of cleaning!  But even so, our chances for staying awake to watch the game, which aired at midnight here, were slim to none.  But we did it!  To an extent...  Watching Prison Break {our new show} & playing Wii kept us from sleeping, but when the game started up & we were snuggled in the oversized chair together...well, let's just say that when I woke up, Don was asleep!  So off to bed we went around 1:30.  Oh well...  It was kinda fun falling asleep together in our big cozy chair :)

What did you do for the Super Bowl?!  And what were the good commercials?  On the Armed Forces Network here, they cannot broadcast the commercials...so we missed all that!