Monday, January 4, 2010

Back Home In Germany!

We're back! Now that we're here again, it's almost hard to believe that we were ever in the States at all! But looking at our suitcases full of Christmas presents {not to mention the two boxes we had to ship due to lack of room!} is more than enough proof :)

What a wonderful time we had in Colorado! We soaked up every minute we had with our families. I am so thankful for each & every one of them. They give us so much support & love! There is nothing like being with your family, & the three weeks I had with them meant so much to me! I have to admit, I had a pretty hard time leaving them all. It isn't easy knowing that I will be so far away from them for so long, but Don holds me tight & takes care of me all the way. I love him so much & my family never worries about me, knowing that he is by my side!

I've just done my morning Facebook check & Wow! Lots of pictures from everyone's Christmases! You know what is crazy?? I don't think that I took a single picture while we were home! Sometimes, it's too hard to stop & pull out the camera. Plus, I don't need a picture in order to be able to remember the fun times that I had!  But pictures for you from our trip home!  At least, no pictures that we took ourselves!

Our New Year's wasn't too exciting.  We traveled back that day.  So at the stroke of midnight Colorado & Germany time, we were on the airplane trying to sleep!  Don was more successful at that than I was, as usual.  I was hoping for free champagne on the plane, but no such luck!

It's beautiful here.  The snow has been lightly falling from the sky almost non-stop since we got home.  There are about 2 1/2 or 3 inches piled up on the beam above our patio, & that amount is increasing steadily!  In fact, Don & I were awakened at 4:45 this morning by a call from his Captain informing him that he wouldn't have to be at work until 9am due to the snow!  Wahoo!  So it was coffee & waffles for us for breakfast!  I wish every morning could be that way!

I hope that you all had an absolutely wonderful & memorable Christmas & New Year's!  I pray that this year is full of happiness, blessings, & great successes for you all!