Wednesday, December 23, 2009

We're Going To Have A White Christmas! // Layla & Lucius At "Camp"

Oh, it's nice to be home.  Surrounded by the ones I love, watching the beautiful snow fall on the Rocky Mountains, & shopping to my heart's content!  {I'm slowly but surely buying the things that I need but can't find in Germany, such as bedding, which I can only find there in European sizes, of course!}  It's a little strange being back in the States; I've become so used to how life is lived in Germany!  But it hasn't been difficult to get back into the American swing of things :)

Don arrived yesterday & even though we were only apart for about 10 days, I was more than ready to be back together!  He completed everything here for me; now we are all together!

I received a great email this morning from the wonderful lady who takes care of Layla & Lucius for us while we are gone.  She said that they are doing so well & even enclosed 10 pictures of them playing outside with the other dogs!  These pictures were so cute that I have to post some of them for you all to see!!

Pretty cute, aren't they?! And Lucius definitely looks bigger than the last time that I saw him!  Sheesh, he is going to be a big boy!

I hope that you all are enjoying your time with your families as much as we are here!  I wish you all every happiness this Christmas Season & throughout the New Year!