Saturday, December 5, 2009

Let's Say Thanks

I was looking through some friends' pages on Facebook just now & stumbled upon some information about a website called Let's Say Thanks, & I just had to share it!

At this website, you can choose a card design that you like, enter a message plus your name & hometown, click send, & Xerox will print the card & send it to a soldier who is serving overseas!  This only takes a minute & would bring such a smile to whoever receives it!  What a fabulous idea!

Sometimes, I think we are so appreciative of what our soldiers do for us that it's hard to think of the right way to say Thank You.  But it is amazing how BIG of an impact even a small thing can have.  A Thank You card, a book, a box of cookies...

So head over to Let's Say Thanks . Com & send a card to a soldier.  It only takes a minute but its impact will last much longer than that!