Friday, October 30, 2009

Spur Ride BBQ & Halloween Plans!

Aww, the wonderful feeling of knowing that it is Friday!  I always get excited thinking about all the fun things that Don & I will do together over the next few days, even if all we do is relax around the house!  This weekend in particular, however, should keep us fairly busy!  We have a BBQ this afternoon, a Halloween party on Saturday at the house of some friends (for which we don't have costumes, but oh well!), Trick-or-Treating here in the neighborhood...  I'm interested to see how it all goes!

This afternoon on Post, Don's Battery is having a BBQ that I will be going to.  For the last three days, Don has been participating in his Battery's Spur Ride.  Sounds strange, right?  Well, without getting too technical, Don is in a Cavalry Unit & part of their tradition is to wear Stetsons (the Cav version of a Cowboy hat, basically...) & spurs on their boots on Fridays.  The, they're not too bad.  The spurs?  Sshhh....  But I think they're kinda silly!  Spurs on Army combat boots?  There's nothing like tradition, is there?  So this Spur Ride is an initiation of sorts, putting the guys in small teams & having them compete in various Army tasks from land navigation & obstacle courses to Physical Training tests & a quiz over the history of their Unit, the 2nd SCR.  As of last night, Don told me his team was in 1st place!  And the top 3 teams at the end of the competition will have their spurs purchased for them, a prize Don is really hoping to receive.  Those suckers are pricey!  So this afternoon at the BBQ, we will see what he final results are!  I'm betting that Don's team wins :)

And of course, Halloween!  I'm really interested to see how that goes down here in Germany.  According to what I've heard from friends who have/had been here for quite a while, Germans are only starting to celebrate this holiday.  Because of that, they all come to the areas where we American live in order to do their Trick-or-Treating & to get their yummy American candy!  Not too bad, except imagine all those kids in our small American communities.  It's supposed to be very busy (one woman said she went through 9 bags of candy in the first hour & a half!).  Then, once it gets dark, I hear that things get a bit out of control.  You could say that the German teenagers (& Romania too, I hear) take the phrase Trick-or-Treat very literally, vandalizing homes when the front door isn't opened for them!  Eek!  A friend of mine said that she recommends closing the rouladens (our blinds that completely block out any sunlight!) & pretending you're not home once it is about 9pm.  I'll let you all know what happens!  I'm guessing we'll be at our Halloween party a few houses down the street at that time, so I hope our unoccupied house it okay while we're gone!  I am sure Layla will bark at all the crazy kids who ring the doorbell!!  Scaaary!  :)

On a side note, how pretty is the "A" drop cap that I used to start this post?!  I found a really neat website where every day the creator publishes a new drop cap letter of the alphabet, all of which she creates herself!  I think they're so pretty!  Here is her website:  Daily Drop Cap.

And as a very random side note, you wouldn't imagine how strange it is trying to exercise in your living room while being watched by a concerned Great Dane.  Every time that I got onto the floor, she would quickly come to me, lay beside me, rest her head on me & nuzzle me, making sure that I was alright!  When I was in the push-up position, she even laid half of herself underneath me!  Needless to say, I only was able to do about 3/4 of my planned workout before taking her on her walk...  Oh, Layla!