Monday, October 26, 2009

Thanksgiving In Dublin!

Yep, you read correctly!  We are going to be spending Thanksgiving Weekend in Dublin, Ireland!  We are so excited!  Don found great plane fares for us, I found a really neat looking hotel with a 3 Nights For The Price of 2 deal (wahoo!) & a fantastic loation, & it just didn't make sense not to go!  Don has a 4-day weekend then, so we'll be able to stay 3 nights in the city!  So exciting!!  I've always wanted to go to Ireland.  What an adventure!  And this will be our sixth country to visit since we arrived here!  We're doin' good!!

If you've been to Ireland & the Dublin area, let me know what is a must-see!  We're going to have plenty of time to really look around.  We want to get into the Irish countryside also!  Wow, it's going to be great!

Love to you all!  Hope that you are doing great & that life is oh so good for each one of you!  ♥