Friday, October 2, 2009

Mmm... Hello, October!

Mmm, my thoughts exactly!  (Except for me, add some of the beautiful Fall leaves in too!  I've been collecting them from around the neighborhood :)  Then, I press them flat in one of my big cookbooks!  I'm making a collage on the wall by our front door :)  Aren't I silly?!)  Thank you to the fabulous Mary over @ for this photo!  I always love her work!

Well, Don wasn't able to come home last night until about 8pm!  But I must say, I did a fabulous job with dinner!  It was so yummy!  It isn't easy prepping for dinner when you aren't sure when you'll actually be eating!  But my pasta wasn't sticky, the meatballs were nice & warm.... Mmm.  That takes practice!  Especially for an 8:15 dinner :)

Thanks to the two lovely ladies who have commented on the new blog layout!  Love you both!  And not just because you leave comments :)  I like this layout too!  And once we get closer to Christmas, you know I'll be changing it again!

Happy Friday, everyone!  Enjoy your day, & have a fabulous weekend!  ♥  ♥  ♥

PS ~ I love blogging!  I hope you love reading!  Or else...this is just kinda an online journal!  Still love blogging :)