Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tomorrow! | & Layla's Vet Visit

Don's parents arrive in Germany tomorrow for a 2 week visit, & we are really excited!  We have such a nice trip planned for while they are here, & I cannot wait for it!  Germany, Austria, Italy...the Alps, Lake Como, Italian vineyards...  It's going to be fabulous!!!

It's been about a week since I posted last -- sorry!  Things have been busy around here as we prep for our visitors :)  Also, I took Layla to the Vet last week.  I realized that it was my first ever trip to the Vet!  Wow!  And boy was she a good girl.  She impressed everyone with her good behavior & she sat on my lap in the waiting room, which got many grins & giggles!  She even has a little habit now for when she sees little dogs: she lays down on her belly quite ways back from the little dog, & then she does an Army crawl towards them, very slowly, as if saying, "Don't be scared of my size!  I can be little too, see?!  Want to play?!"  It is so cute!  Layla at eye level with a toy poodle is quite the sight.  Isn't she sweet?!