Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Life In The German Countryside

What a beautiful day here in Auerbach!  I've been working in the yard, doing laundry, cleaning, prepping dinner.....  a.k.a. counting down the minutes until Don will be home from another busy day of work :)  He has had so much to do this week because they are getting ready to do some training in the field starting next week.  We live close to the Graffenwoehr training area (which is apparently the largest in all of Europe & is used by all NATO countries for military training), so I should be able to hear the artillery while Don is in the field -- something I have enjoyed since living at Fort Sill!  :)

Took some pictures recently of the yard (see my new blue hydrangeas?!), along with a few of one of the neighborhood cats.  Don has named him Boots.  Or Mittens if it's a girl!  There are many stray cats in the area, but we see Boots most often.  He even almost came in through the back door one day!  Layla was upstairs asleep, or else that never would have happened!  She isn't fond of the cats.  I think she's scared of them!  She barks & barks, & Boots just stands there staring at her, head held high, knowing that Layla won't jump the fence.
One day, however, during one of our lovely German downpours, I spied Boots across the pathway behind our house, snug as a bug nestled underneath the hedge, fast asleep.  I'm not much of a cat person, but he did look awfully cute there as the rain came pouring down.  I decided to take pictures from the kitchen.  Not close enough.  As I opened the door to creep outside, Layla bolted around me & gave Boots such a scare!!  He quickly backed up further into the hedge, but had nowhere to go!  His back raised up, his hair stood on end, & I saved him from big mean Layla by taking her inside :)  Although she's many times his size, I'm pretty sure Layla was just as scared as Boots!