Wednesday, May 6, 2009

*To Germany TOMORROW!*

24 hours from now, Don & I will be on our way to Germany!  Oh my goodness!!!  It's a lot to take in, but I am so excited!

We have been thinking about this for over a year now, since Don chose our post in February of 2008.  Now that it's less than a day away, I can hardly believe it!  I don't think that it has hit me yet, & Don has been so busy that he hasn't had much time to let it sink in too much.  What an adventure we're about to start!  And thank goodness my antibiotics are working & my awful sore throat is going away so that I will be able to enjoy the entire trip as much as possible :)

I didn't know this until Don's parents mentioned it to us the other day, but when you are traveling on military orders, your family can accompany you through the airport all the way to the gate!  So that will be really nice.  I'm not looking forward to saying goodbye to them all, though...  But before long, we'll see them again in Europe!  Sidewalk cafes, cappuccinos & paninis, castles!  I think I have butterflies!

Off to pack up all of my things for the trip!  If I don't post again before we leave...

Auf Wiedersehen!

I'll post again as soon as I get the chance!  Love to you all!!  And please write anytime!  I've placed our email address at the bottom of this page, & you can always leave comments on the posts or notes on the sidebar.  We'll miss you all!  ♥ ♥ ♥