Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Ranger Demonstration & Graduation Videos

**Updated 6 May 2009 to include all Ranger Grad videos**

Here are most of the videos that I took during the Ranger Demonstration & Don's Ranger Graduation the morning of May 1st at Fort Benning, Georgia! One of the videos that I cannot post is of the beginning of Don's Graduation, the speaker's message, etc. It came out to be almost 20 minutes, so I'm having trouble finding a place to upload it! Hopefully I figure it out soon :) The rest of these are really cool, though, so enjoy them!

Ranger Demonstration Videos

Ranger Graduation Videos
That's all for now!  We're keeping busy these last few days before we leave, spending time with family & taking care of what needs done!  Sadly...I somehow caught Strep Throat while in Georgia, so I haven't been much fun...  But Don's taking good care of me & I now have antibiotics!  Hopefully, I'll be feeling much better by Thursday!!  *fingers crossed*  ♥