Monday, May 18, 2009

A Note from Don

"Don never writes on the blog."  I'm sure that all of you have been thinking that for a long time and just haven't quite found the right way to say it.  Well, its Don.  We're enjoying being here in Germany so far.  We really enjoyed this past weekend as we ventured out of the hotel room that we call home and hopped into our Mercedes rental car that smelled like cigarette smoke to go explore our new home.  We decided to go to Nuremberg, mostly because it is close and gas is expensive over here.  All reasons aside, we had a great time there.  It was a beautiful day and thousands of Germans were out with their families and hund (dogs I think) in the crowded cobblestone streets of this old city.  Pretty cool atmosphere and something my dad would definitely enjoy (particularly the cheese and olive stands at the local farmer's market and the streetside bistros).  It was definitely a good warm up weekend.
     Now we're faced with a new challenge.  What do we do on this long weekend?  4 days in Europe but no car.  Hmmm.  Well, our plan as of right now (if we can get any kind of feedback from the travel agency) is to take a train up to Brussels, Belgium and spend the weekend exploring the capital of Europe and its surrounding neighbors--Amsterdam and Northern France come to mind.  We'll keep you all posted.  Well, Amanda will as I am too lazy to type and being on a computer for anything besides checking my facebook or the news brings back memories of school.
From Germany, I'm Don Burgundy.  You stay classy Blog readers.