Tuesday, May 19, 2009

I Got My License! And We Have Phones!

I passed my German Drivers License Test this morning!  Only missed three out of 100 ;)  Not too shabby!  So now Don & I both have our licenses & are free to drive!  Now, we just need to get a car.  One step at a time!

Also, we went and bought cell phones this afternoon!  They both look like the ones in the picture here.  I like them!!

The most common cell phone plan over here is  "Pay As You Go", & we found a provider that offers great calling & texting rates!  So we're set!  We are planning to just use our cell phones for local calls here &, of course, calling each other.  For international calls, we're going to continue to use Skype for now.  It works great & is free when you call to another Skype account, which our families now have :)  Eventually, we might set up our cell phones for international calling, but for now, this is the easiest.  Nice to have a cell phone again!  Too bad my US cell phone won't work here (no place for a SIM card!)...I'll just have to send it home & see who grabs it first!  :)

So all in all, a very good day!  We're making progress!  And I'm so glad to finally have my German Drivers License!  Wahoo!  Hello, autobahn!