Friday, April 24, 2009

Ranger Graduation In A Week!

Well, we've about done it!  More appropriately, Don has about done it!  I am so proud of him for all of his hard work & determination, as well as his ability to stay so optimistic & cheerful even when he's going through something as incredibly difficult as Ranger School!  How does he do it?!  I'm very impressed, & more proud than you can imagine!!!  And a week from today, he will officially be a Ranger, Tab & all!!  I can't wait!  And I'm sure he can't either :)

My Grandfather is very ill right now, in a hospital in Missouri where most of my parents' family lives.  We drove there last weekend to see him, & my Dad is still there with everyone.  It really made me miss Don, being in the hospital & seeing how important family is.  There is a reason God made us to be in pairs :)  Family is such a wonderful thing.  My Grandfather doesn't have many days left, the doctors say, & so I am trying to figure out how to make it back to Missouri as well as to Georgia for Don.  But regardless of whether or not I can get back to Missouri, I am so glad that I was able to be there last weekend when he was still speaking.  He knows that I was there & we were able to talk a bit.  Life really is a cycle, one generation to the next, & it makes you realize what the most important things in life are & what you should be paying attention to the most .  It is so easy to become distracted with politics & the economy, etc.  But your family is always with you, beside you, loving you!  I am going to miss them all when Don & I leave!

...But my Mom has already been looking at plane tickets into Frankfurt, & if you have flexible traveling dates you can get a pretty good fare!!  Any takers?!  :)

I will be taking pictures & video of Don's graduation, & I'll post them for you all!  Hmm, I think I need a camera crew so that I don't miss anything ;)


*.These pictures are some of my favorite from our Honeymoon on Petit St. Vincent!  It was absolutely beautiful & so relaxing!  If you're looking for a quiet tropical getaway that has everything you could possibly want, I definitely recommend PSV :)  I hope that Don & I can go back someday!  An anniversary, perhaps!.*