Friday, May 1, 2009

A Few *Very Quick* Snapshots!

Another fabulous day in Georgia!  Spent the morning & afternoon at the hotel, then drove to post to pick up Don for his last pass before Ranger Grad!  Wahoo!  We only had 5 hours together today, but I soaked it all up, enjoying every minute that I've thought so much about for the past two months!  It is so wonderful being back together; it makes everything right again :)

As I waited for Don to be released this evening, I decided I'd appreciate it later if I'd go ahead & take a few quick pictures.  Here are three.  These are the guys who will be graduating tomorrow (can you find Don?!).  What a great group!

I'm hoping my camera battery will be up for a challenge tomorrow because I'm planning to film the Ranger Demonstration, which takes place before Graduation & is supposed to be pretty sweet, as well as the Graduation itself!  Plus, I'll take lots of pictures of Don & his Ranger Tab!!  I am so proud of him!!

So, Ranger Demonstration & Graduation in the morning, then an afternoon of getting everything together that we need for our drive back to Colorado, & finally finishing out the day with a fun evening with friends to celebrate!  A busy but absolutely wonderful day!  I can't wait!  And neither can Don :)

More tomorrow!  Xo ♥