Wednesday, April 1, 2009

1 Month Until I See My Ranger! :)

Finally, it is April!  Which means that Don will graduate in one month! Wahoo!  I am so proud of him, & am obviously so anxious to be back with him!

I've continued receiving letters from Don about...once a week.  Sometimes, I get more than one letter at once, which feels like Christmas!!  I read them over & over!  He is doing really well in the Mountain Phase right now, being fed enormous breakfasts (including pancakes made with cake batter!), & passing the tests with flying colors!  Am I surprised?!  ;)

Last I heard from him, he still had his cold.  Keep him in your thoughts & prayers, please, that he will be healthy soon, that he will have the strangth he needs, & that he will be able to keep a happy & optimistic outlook throughout it all :)  He is getting along just fine right now, no worries at all, so I don't doubt that things will continue that way!  But prayers are always a good thing!

Thank you all for your support & encouragement!  Xo!