Sunday, March 1, 2009

Write A Ranger!

Don started Ranger School today. I talked with him this morning before everything started up, and he is doing really well! Ready to begin...and to be finished also :)

Don sent me a temporary address to use until he finds out his company and platoon. If you'd like to send him a letter, which he'd love, please email me ( and I'll give you the address! I'd post it on here, but I don't know that that's such a safe idea. Better safe than sorry! Anyhoo, the most that you can send him now, other than a letter, is a piece of caffeine-free gum! haha So best to stick to just a letter! The support, encouragement, and prayers that you all have given us have been such a blessing, and Don would truly love hearing from you all! It would mean a lot to him and would really help him as he goes through this difficult training. I'm sure each and every letter he receives will put such a smile on his face!!!

Thanks again for all your prayers for Don's safety and success! He's going to do just great, I know it!!