Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where IS Vilseck?!

Here it is :) I finally found a good map of Germany that clearly shows the location of Vilseck, where we are going to be in a few months!

Also, a big thank you everyone who has written us comments here on our blog! Even if they were left anonymously ;)

Oh! And I almost forgot these pictures I just found that I want to show you all!

This first one is of a building called Pflegerhof, "built in 1375 as part of the city wall; former residence of the local representative of the bishop of Bamberg until 1803; houses nowadays a hotel and restaurant."

The second is Pfaffkirche St. Georg in Schlicht, "Romanesque tower, choir built in 1400, nave 1734; restoration inside 1997" ( I just love the architecture, the land, the colors... And whenever I find new pictures that catch my eye, I promise to share them. Although I'm sure you weren't worried that I might keep them to myself! :)

**Update**Don finishes BOLC III on February 3rd! The other day, we were talking about how quickly these 6 months at Fort Sill have flown by! I can hardly believe our time here is almost up! Just as we're getting into the swing of things...

But don't worry, we're quite excited about the next step, so we're okay with moving :)

X's & O's!