Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Don Is Going To Ranger School!

As if there were any way for me to be more proud of my amazing husband, Don has been offered, and has accepted, a slot for Army Ranger School! This is such an accomplishment, and he has worked very hard to qualify!

Ever since we arrived here at Fort Sill, Don has been doing Ranger PT (Physical Training) every morning of the week instead of the regular Army PT. And let me tell you, it does not sound easy at all! Last week, he had a 5 mile run, then a 12 mile ruck march the next day (starting at 3 am!). He sometimes runs up hills while carrying a guy on his back! I don't know how he does it! And you'd think that by now I might be used to how amazing he is, but no! I'm constantly impressed by him. So, a big congratulations to Don for all his hard work :)

Ranger School is incredibly rigorous training, comprised of three phases. During this training, Don will only have two 8 hour breaks! It's going to be very tough and trying, but if there's anyone I know who can do it, it's Don! If you want to see more about Ranger School, here is a great website: The Ranger Training Brigade

Also, Don's BOLC III graduation is in less than a week, on February 3rd! He has worked tremendously hard in this training too, mastering all there is to know about Field Artillery! He's done so well, in fact, that he is currently holding the 2nd place position in his class! Woohoo! I guess you could say that he's pretty smart, but I do hold a slightly biased opinion ;)

Here's a video of Field Artillery here at Fort Sill for you to watch if you are interested!

Don's will start Ranger School on the 1st of March, delaying our move to Germany by about 2 months. I will move back to Colorado to live with my parents while Don completes the course. It will be the longest we've been apart in quite some time, but it will be worth it! Don's training there will mean a lot to him personally and also for his Army career, and going to Ranger School is something that most soldier's aren't able to do. So the two months apart will be difficult, but for such a great reason!

We have set packing and shipment dates for all of our belongings to go to Germany! The 23rd and 24th of February will be busy for us for that reason, then moving out of the apartment! We will stay in Army lodging here at Fort Sill for roughly 5 days afterwards, and then Don will head to Georgia and I will head to Colorado.

Quite the update today! And I'll sign off by saying...

Hooah! Rangers Lead The Way!