Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Subscribing, Following, & Commenting :)

As I've been playing around with this blog & all of the different options that are available to add, I've decided on two that might be helpful and interesting for those of you who would truly like to stay up-to-date!

The first is the "Subscribe To Our Blog!" feature. This uses what is called a site feed, basically a machine-readable representation of our blog that can be picked up and displayed on other web sites and information aggregation tools, such as your Yahoo! or Google home page. By subscribing, you will see information about our blog, the latest posts, etc. whenever you view your homepage of choice, making it easy to know when we've updated!

The second is the "Follow Our Blog!" feature. If you like our blog and want to be added to the list of people who frequent our page, simply add yourself to our group! If you are a member at, this blog will then be added to your homepage. Another way to show you're a fan of our page and to know when we've made updates.

Also, I've fixed the problem that was making it impossible to comment on our posts! Now if you have any questions, or just have something you'd like to share, just click on the comment link at the end of a post. A window will pop up with a comment box for you to fill out. Piece of cake!

Hope that helps! I'm having fun with this :) It's nice to know that there are so many different ways that we can all keep in touch with each other, even when we will be in Germany! Hooray for the internet!