Friday, July 1, 2011

All Is Well! :)

I first have to thank all of you who have written me lately, asking how things are, telling me that you miss my posts & hope that I'm doing alright -- you all are wonderful! In fact, I am doing more than all right! Life is so good that being on the computer has been the last thing on my mind, & I do apologize for that!  But sometimes, it's nice to take a break & focus entirely on what's truly important ♥

Don has been home now for almost two months!  WOW!  Two Months Already?!!  Time certainly does fly when your worries are behind you :)  It's been so easy transitioning back into our regular routine together.  Although we were apart for 11 months, we just got right back into the swing of things once he came home!  I love it :)  Plus, we've been doing some great traveling!

We went to a town here in Germany called Baden-Baden, which is famous for its bath houses & thermal spas.  What a relaxing weekend that was!  And we also made it over the border to Strasbourg, France.  Add another country to my growing list!  I think I'm at 27 countries now!

And lastly, we just got back from Tanzania, Africa!!!  What an adventure!!  We spent 7 days at the beautiful Saadani Safari Lodge, & oh my goodness was it breathtaking!  Gorgeous beach, lovely people, delicious food, romantic setting, wonderful bungalows!  Plus, game drives, snorkeling, river safaris...  You wouldn't be surprised to know that we took about 2,300 pictures during this trip!  I'll post some of our faves for you to see :)

Next up for us?  Istanbul, next week!!  So the pictures will keep on coming!

Thank you all so much for your sweet notes & emails.  It means a lot that you were checking up on me!  And now that Don is getting back to work {boohoo!}, you'll most likely be hearing from me more often!

Boy, is it nice to be all put back together again ♥
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